Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonnie Brugger

I studied to be a graphic artist and over the years I have worked in several different mediums.   A number of years ago I took courses in stained glass and fused glass.   Fusing became my passion.   I work in my studio, Rocking Waters, which is located in my home in Victoria, BC.  The studio looks into a beautiful garden with ponds and waterfalls, and much of my inspiration comes from my garden.
I’ve often been told that I have a wonderful sense of colour and design that results in whimsical pieces that are truly a delight. My little house and flowered wind chimes bring enjoyment to people around the world.  Designing larger pieces allows me to take advantage of my graphic design roots and explore geometric shapes.
I really enjoy collaborating with other artists. My first collaboration was with a well known metal artist, and we focussed on creating new and innovative metal pieces with surprising glass inserts.  I have been commissioned to create unique pieces for a number of clients.  My intent is to create fused glass art that makes you feel good.
I have been teaching fused glass for a number of years and really enjoy introducing new glass artists to this wonderful medium.