Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katy Fogg

Living Earth Pottery is created in a small studio in Victoria. Each unique piece is handmade using the potters wheel or hand building techniques. Katy has been creating functional art for the last 13 years. Her work is diverse in form and function but is always lightweight and refined. She runs Living Earth Pottery with the environment and local communities in mind.
“I try to make my pieces beautiful as well as functional. It is my hope that I can create some of the simple things of life locally, with intention and integrity.”
Living Earth Pottery is intended for everyday use. Two clay bodies are used in the studio, one from Medicine Hat Alberta and the other from Northern California. These clays were selected for their durability and versatility. All pieces can go into the oven or the dishwasher. Pieces containing iron crystals should avoid being used in the microwave. The glazes are food safe, non-toxic and durable.  With each piece being made start to finish by one set of hands, care and attention are paid to even the smallest details. The bottom of the pot is polished, handles are attached with care, and spouts pour beautifully.