Thursday, May 24, 2012

West Saanich Woolworks

West Saanich Woolworks is owned by the Olsen family (former owners of Mt. Newton Indian Sweaters). We are based in the traditional territory of the WSANEC (Saanich) People in Brentwood Bay, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 
All work is performed by Vancouver Island knitters who are highly valued, fairly paid and profit from this venture.
West Saanich Woolworks values the unique and original. We continue in the steps of our ancestors who innovated to preserve our woolworking culture.
The wool we use is from Vancouver Island and is natural in its form and colour. It is dependent on the colour of the sheep’s wool. Wool is carded and spun to produce a beautiful thick wool with natural water repellency. Felting turns casual knitwear into fashion, traditional design into graphic design and knitting into textile art.
Our finished woolwork products are one of a kind. Inherent inconsistencies in wool thickness or tightness are considered part of the creative process. They are collected by locals and those who value culture.