Thursday, June 7, 2012

Debbie Jansen

The process of kiln formed glass has been used for centuries. There are sometimes as few as two steps or many more to make a piece to achieve the final outcome. The glass, which is specifically designed for fusing, is first cut into the desired shapes and then reassembled on a kiln shelf and fired in the kiln at approximately 1460F, for twelve or more hours making sure the kiln is completely cooled before opened as the rapid temperature change may break the glass. Then the flat fused piece is placed on a mold and “slumped” into the desired shape at a lower temperature. This again takes another twelve hours or so.

I have had many successes (and a few oopses, which I display proudly in my home) and am always learning and trying new techniques, which include sandblasting designs onto the glass, using powdered glass to make very interesting visual effects and some works that have a raised 3D effect.

All of my works are hand signed by, of course, me.