Friday, June 15, 2012

Steve Shelley

Steve Shelley lives with his family in Campbell River British Columbia. Steve has been a fishing guide and fishing lodge owner for many years, guiding fishermen on rivers, lakes and on the waters of the Pacific Ocean from the Queen Charlotte Islands to southern Vancouver Island.
When it comes to Nature's Edge Wood Design Steve's Philosophy is simple. "With strong ties to the outdoors and nature I have always had a keen interest in working with reclaimed and salvaged wood. Taking a piece of wood that some else has discarded, or that will lay on the beach and rot or be burned in a burn pile, and turning it into something useful is very rewarding for me."
"I get a lot of inspiration for my work, as well as the majority of my material, while walking our dog on the beaches of Discovery Passage near our home in Campbell River. Finding and working with the wood I salvage from the beaches is my favorite pass time. Each piece has completed a journey from its origins, which can be from far up a mainland river or a South or Central American jungle, to its time spent drifting around in the saltwater of the Pacific Ocean, to its final destination here on the shores of Discovery Passage."