Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leona Smith- Silver Lynx Studio

I have lived in Victoria since 1999, however am originally from Prince George, BC.  My 
interest in making jewellery began as a child.  My grandfather was a rockhound and I was 
fascinated by the rocks he could take, polish and make into jewels especially for me.  While in University in the mid-80's, I discovered bead shops, particularly the bead store on Granville Island.  Every time I was in Vancouver I would head to the store and pick up treasures to make pretty things.  Mainly, I made for presents and for myself, learning how to wire wrap on my own from books and instruction sheets.
Although I abandoned making my own jewellery in the 1990's, I retained a keen interest in 
hand crafted items, particularly jewellery, and would seek out markets on my travels.  
In 2007, seeking to reconnect with my grandfather's love, I attended the Rockhound Show 
here in Victoria.  I saw a demonstration of metal clay and decided on the spot that I had to learn it.   I was hooked.  I took a basic course in silver Precious Metal Clay in 2007  along with a basic course in wire wrapping and stringing as a refresher. I decided that wanted to return to crafting jewellery, this time as a business.  I entered my first  show in December 2008 and in 2009 I completed a Level 1 certification in Precious Metal Clay.  I continue to expand my skill in metal clay and have in the past year added base metal clay to my repertoire.  The fun now is in mixing the metals together.  I am a full time artisan.