Monday, May 21, 2012

Tobias Tomlinson -Avadon Pottery

Tobias Tomlinson has been a working potter for 35 years. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary, and some of his instructors include Harlen House, Hal Regar, Jack Surs, Marylin Levine, Roy Kiuka, Santo Mignosa and LĂ©opold Foulem.

Tobias has worked with potters in the Jam Factory Pottery Collective in Nelson, B.C. and presently, has his own Avadon Pottery Studio in Victoria, B.C. He has been involved in several shows displaying and selling his creative jugs and teapots, as well as the Cone Box Project.

Fire and ash of traditional Japanese firing techniques used in the Tozan Society¹s Naborogama kiln, and the Anagama Hillside kiln on Denman Island have brought new inspiration to his work. The translucent porcelain glows from within.

Other sources of inspiration reflected in his work is the Mission Style, and Arts and Crafts tradition from 1900 to 1925. The carved designs are reminiscent of William Morris, the Zanesville potteries of Ohio, and the Newcomb Pottery in New Orleans.