Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karen Lancey

As a young child I immigrated with my family to Calgary Alberta from the South Coast of England in 1969. Growing up and attending school in Calgary I spent most of my free time either outside walking, biking, skiing, hiking, or trying any materials I could get my hands on and creating art, miniatures, clay/ceramics, wools, painting, jewelry or clothing. Every winter my family would usually travel, I would live on the beach either

collecting, or diving under the water with the tropical fish and corals. I had award winning marks in high school art and fine art and enrolled in the Alberta College of Art and Design where I studied for 4 years, majoring in commercial art/graphic design, with a minor in ceramics, jewellery, and paper making.
After College I moved to Vancouver where I worked in 2D and 3D retail display, designed art 'monuments,' and took a Youth Enterprise business course. From there on I was self-employed and branched out into 2D and 3D display for retail, commercial, and residential use. Sculptures, paintings, fabric collages, a line of jewelry, and drawings were some of the many things I accomplished.
I started welding art 9 years ago when I moved to Victoria with my two children. Metal Mermaid Welding has become my full time profession and obsession. I am self taught and have caught myself on fire on more than one occasion! Finding the perfect pieces of metal, sorting it, scouring garage sales, scrap yards, even beaches is now part of my job.
I live art. My house, my garden is an extension of me and is constantly in motion and shifting. I love to show people how and what I do, to share the workshop, studio, then let people walk around my gardens and find the hidden vistas and treasures. To surprise people with the unexpected and see them smile in pleasure is fuel for my creativity.