Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gini Foli

I am a retired stage director, choreographer and dance teacher known to my students as "The Sequin Queen". I have always loved strong, vivid colours in costumes and the sense of fun in entertainment. This has carried into costume jewellery designs, using charms, vivid colours and anything else within my reach.

The creative change from designing shows to costume jewellery has felt quite natural to me and far less stressful. I am mainly interested in creating funky and unusual watches with varying themes such as:strawberry or flower garden, ballet, golf, wedding etc.. I can fill requests for particular themes in a bracelet watch, earrings or create a new bracelet strap for an old, treasured watch.
I especially enjoy working with bright and colourful beads and mixtures of glass, lampwork, wood, acrylics and various metals into mixed patterns. Fun costume jewellery keeps happening as well.
I love to see customers smile and show-off their new one of a kind purchases. If they are happy, I am too.