Friday, June 8, 2012

Sharon Bussard Grove

A four year olds perspective: the best thing about going 
on a clay dig is sliding down the slippery bank into the river.” 
 My memories of perfect southern Alberta summers spent playing with clay in my Grandma’s studio.
When a skill is something we learn through play as a child we are not aware it’s a skill, it’s just an intuitive part of us.”
After working successfully as a studio potter for 8 years in Tsawwassen I really wanted to go to school to live the experience of being completely immersed into the world of art academia, experimentation, challenging perceptions and creating for the sake of creating. My journey began with a 2 year "technical" stop at Sheridan College of Art and Design in Oakville, Ontario and then off to Alberta College of Art and Design "conceptual" for two years in Calgary, Alberta to complete my BFA degree majoring in Ceramics with as many hot glass classes as I could manage to get thrown into the mix.
I am now living in Sooke, BC, have been setting up my studio, building a gas kiln where my work continues to constantly evolve and take me in new directions. Forsaking the security of what I "know" I will always choose to test and push those boundaries to see if there is something more enticing on the other side.
While I have been away my work has been showcased in local and international juried shows and is part of the permanent collection at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China.